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Products We Serve

Air Conditioning Products

Split / Window AC
Inverter AC @
( Eco Inverter/ Smart Inverter/ DC Inverter)
Cassette AC
Tower Ac
Ductable AC

Others products

Washing Machine
Deep Freezer
Visible Bottle Cooler
Air Cooler

Consumer Electronic Products

LED/LCD TV & Monitor
CRT TV/ Monitor
Home Theater
Hi-Fi Sound System
Hi-Fi Sound System(Modification with Bluetooth device)
Blue-ray Dvd Player
Play Station
Digital Camera
Electronic Piano/Synthesizer
Induction Cooker 
Electronic Inverter Battery Power System

#Automatic Timing Device  Fitting for Domestic Water Pump (Installation Service & repair)

Installation & Uninstallation Or Dismantling

Smart Care has expert separate team for complete Air Conditioner machine Un-Installation, Installation to Commissioning work (Split /window /Cassette / Tower AC) including Geyser.


Let Smart Care takes a care of your Air Conditioner by taking Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). It is always a better idea to have a professional technician behind your daily need Appliance like AC. We undertake service & maintain your Air conditioner in good running condition by periodical Checkup and maintenance for both Corporate & Domestic Sector. It will make your AC run hassle free.

Benefits of Annual maintenance contracts are:

Four periodical servicing visits per year without any call logging.
Any time for Breakdown Call we will attend the call during AMC period at zero cost.
Cleaning Condenser/Cooling Coil in each periodical servicing.
We check AC Plug Point and Input supply Voltage & Earthling to prevent any major breakdown
Checking Auto-Cutout function, Remote Control and Manual Functions to prevent electricity misuse.
Checking Ampere of Compressor & Gas Pressure for smooth running.
Cleaning of Evaporator, Base Tray and Condenser.


We provide AC for Rent & Hire for 6 Months and 12 Months time basis. Machine installation & dismantling will be done by our technicians. For any query contact us. Microwave repair in kolkata Ballygunge Kasba Tollygunge

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Products Service And Repair Work  

Smart Care offer great Repair Service and maintenance on all Appliances by our skilled and trained professionals. Before starting any service work our professionals firstly check remote handset operation, controller pcb function, filter condition, water drain outlet pipe, gas pressure, compressor ampere, any noise from indoor or outdoor unit etc. and then suggest customer their best to complete work. After completion of work AC performance will be checked. AC cooling depends on many factors such as age of the AC, quality of the gas filled, pressure of the gas etc. and servicing alone does not guarantee improvement of AC cooling.

Dry Service

Indoor unit air filter cleaning and runner unit cleaning by brush without opening the cabinet, remote function checking etc .Outdoor unit condenser cleaning by air blower, checking gas pressure & Compressor amp.

Wet Service

Indoor unit air filter water cleaning, cooling coil & runner unit cleaning by hand spray pump & bush. Water drains line cleaning and checking water dropping. Overall indoor unit noise checks, controller circuit, remote function, automatic cut off function etc checking carefully. Outdoor unit cover open for condenser cleaning by water or air blower, checking gas pressure & Compressor amp. , motor noise & fan blade condition etc. 

Chemical Service

Indoor unit dismantling for cleaning cooling coil & runner unit, greasing all joints and motors. Thoroughly checking and refitting Indoor unit. Outdoor unit condenser cleaning by chemical and overall checking.